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Gulliver's Travels—discussing with middle school level

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As one of the literature selections for TWTM for 7th grade, my 5th and 7th grade DDs and I just finished listening to an audio book version of Gulliver's Travels. I'd never read the book myself before, aside from a "lite" version of the Lilliputian portion. Based on a bit of reading on the internet, there's so much more depth to the story than just the story, but I'm at a loss with where to start discussing it with them.


Any suggestions for discussion guides (preferably free) available on the internet to use with middle school ages and Gulliver's Travels?


Erica in OR

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When we did Gulliver, I had my seventh grader read A Modest Proposal along with it and we discussed satire in literature. I think it's important to point out to students that Swift was writing in a time when citizens had little voice in political affairs. We also look at modern day examples of written political satire. It's always a fun lesson!

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