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Ques about setting up an account at the College Board website....

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If I set up an account for ds (currently in 9th grade), do I need to have a separate one as a parent? Does signing up mean that we will be flooded with more junk mail? Ds has already taken the ACT in 7th and SAT in 8th through the Northwestern Talent Search and we regularly get mail for prep schools, boarding schools and colleges. I don't want more stuff to recycle!


What are the advantages of signing up for an account other than registering for the PSAT, SAT in the future?



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You don't need a parent account; the student account is sufficient - but the student can set the settings so a parent gets all email notifications.

We never got any mail after the talent search SAT, but plenty after the 10th grade ACT. If you do not want mail, you need to not fill out the info on the tests, and also check that you do not want info.


I do not know of any "advantages" of having the account - other than that it is necessary to have one in order to sign up for SAT tests. You can not sign up for the PSAT online; you have to do this through your local school that is administering the test.

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If you set up a student account for your child, he/she can receive the SAT Question of the Day. If you set up a parent account, you can also sign up for the SAT Question of the Day. I found the Q of the D helpful because it re-familiarized me with the format of the questions and helped me to discuss the questions with my son.


My son has not received any college mailings as a result of signing up for the CB account. He has also been careful not to supply his email address on the PSAT and not to sign up for the college search service, or whatever it is called on the PSAT answer sheet. As a result, he has only gotten college mail from the colleges that he contacted directly and asked for information.


My older son did sign up for the college search service on the PSAT, and he was inundated with mail for 2 years, mostly from colleges that he had no interest in. So he advised his brother not to sign up for the mailings.




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