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Need help with making Civil War board game


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My 10yo / 5th grade daughter has to make a board game about the civil war. The requirements are 1) must have a game board 2) playing pieces 3) minimum 25 trivia questions 4) typed directions. It can be totally made up or based on an existing game. Problem is all of my daughter's ideas are just crazy, convoluted, pieces of different games that don't make sense together. And she has shot down all of my ideas. So...does anyone have any ideas I can run by her?

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How about civil war based monopoly? Each property could be states or important places or events based on the civil war. Trivia questions could be on the chance and community chest cards. There is an actual make your own monopoly board that you can get and customize.


Or the game of life based on civil war.


Or just a basic path then in order to move players answer trivia questions. Correct answers move forward so many spaces. Wrong answers move backward a space or 2.

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