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Quick LOE download question-- which chapters?


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Hi there,


from reading Hunter's recent post I learned for the first time that LOE is available as a download now, and in chunks too, if you want.


I know I could search this on my own-- but is LOE appropriate for 3rd graders who are good spellers already? And, would one definitely download the first chapters first, or could it make sense to skip them and down load different chapters.


I'm looking for a good chance to try out LOE cheap, but want to make sure I download the right stuff (for instance, download the beginning portion for 15.00 and realize I immediately need the next portion).




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I will be using LOE at the 3rd grade level, but with SWR markings and rules, and Merriam-Webster respellings. I use How to Tutor for the grade 1 and 2 level.


The WORDS are easy for ALL of the book. BUT easy words are the best way to teach the phonograms and spelling rules. You can assign harder WORDS separately.


You have to start at the beginning, and even the last words might not challenge your child. If the series was finished, it would be the NEXT book where the child would be meeting challenging new words, and using the previously learned phonograms and rules as TOOLS to learn them.


It was the integrated lessons, and like words grouped together, that drew me to LOE. Many of my students won't learn a single spelling WORD from LOE, by the time I start it with them. But they will learn dictionary respellings, phonograms, spelling RULES and grammar and sentence composition skills.

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I think you need to start from the beginning, like Hunter said.

If you want more challenging words to go with each of the lists, you can begin here with these alternate more challenging words. However, the meat of the curriculum is in the teacher manual. I would definitely start with lesson 1 and move on from there, using the alternate lists for more challenge if need be.

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