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Picture books about learning to read?


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Thanks for the help with picture book about sacrificing for others. That will be our next unit. I thought I had enough books for our current theme, but so far 3 of the books have not fit. We are doing book that are about someone that doesn't know how to read and then does learn, or begins to. So far we have read


My Mom Can't Read

Mr. George Baker

Raising Sweetness



The following didn't really fit:


Papa's Mark

A Story for Bear

The Library Mouse




I own Least of All, so I know that one will work.


Do you know of others?




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Thanks Susie! Neither library I have access to has it, so I looked on amazon. My 8 year old saw what I was looking at and said, "We have that book, Mom." She was right! I had never read it and don't remember getting it. I'm sure I picked it up with lots of others at a library book sale.


We'll do that one today.

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Thank You, Mr. Falker - which is based on a true story - was the one I was going to suggest. I heard Patricia Polacco speak about that book and it was just amazing to hear her story of how she didn't learn how to read until she was practically in high school.

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