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Beginners Guild to Self-Sustaining?

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I just got this book "Creating the Low Budget Homestead" and I am enjoying it. I've read the first four chapters so far. For full disclaimer my Dad wrote it. He is a very good writer, and has lived about as self-sufficient as you can get and they started from the ground up. It's taking a while for Amazon to get it in, but there is a new copy on the marketplace. Here's his blog, with a picture of the book. (He has been out of state helping my Grandmother, so you'll have to go back a few months on the blog to see their place.) You didn't say if you needed to go low-budget, but if you are, I recommend his book. (And yes, I'm really excited about it! He's written articles for years, and I'm so thrilled that he's published a book!)


For forums - this one is my favorite. Oh, and Back to Basics provides a nice overview of all kinds of skills, it's also one of my favorites.


We are trying to be more self sufficient as well, so I'll be glad to see the other resources.

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