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So, anyone using the revamped Sonlight for High School?

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Tried sl 100. Didn't know it was revamped. Been out of the country for 4 years and apparently missed a whole heck of a lot with sl.



It's not going well. Infantile book choices, bizarre discussion questions, blatant bias.same lame writing program, so that isn't a surprise, actually. Maybe the other cores are better...but I'll not stick around to see. Ds is crushed, he adored sl and was so excited to get back to it...but it's not the same, at all.


I did some reading up on what happened with sl, wish I'd done that before ordering...

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I'd also look at Tapestry of Grace. At the R level, there aren't really any hands on projects just lots of books.


The schedule is weekly assignments which I think is appropriate for a high school student who needs to learn to break down a longer assignment into parts.

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We love, love Core 200 and 300. Great discussion questions and a lot of learning going on. The literature analysis is in their writing so if you choose to do other writing you have to at least discuss the writing assignments.


Yes. Core 200 has gone/is going well here too. And I agree about the writing assignments. To really get the value out of the literature you need to cover the writing assignments.

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