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Please help finding a story (CC I think, maybe from LDS)

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My husband remembers a story (he believes it's a children's story) about a person who is tasked to find certain things, like a glass of water and flowers. However, along the way, the person comes across someone who is thirsty and so gives them the glass of water. The person also comes across someone who is sad and so gives them the flowers. At the end of the journey, the person says something like I'm sorry but I don't have the things you asked for, but is told that in fact they did what was asked of them (or did what was good).


DH doesn't remember the title or source of the story but we would love to find it to share with our children (as a story book maybe). Has anyone heard of this story and know what it is? I'm having trouble googling for it and I thought that if anyone could help me, it would be someone from the Hive. Thanks so much!

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It makes me think of Matthew 25 in the Bible, verses 35-40.


I found a story that might be similar to the one you are thinking of...

In The Children's Book of Faith (edited by William Bennett), the story on page 6, titled "Where Love Is, God Is" by Leo Tolstoy

--a shoemaker named Martin wonders what he would do if the Lord came to his humble home. He hears a voice saying He will come the next day. So Martin prepares in the morning and looks forward to it...the next day he helps several people...and is saddened that the Lord never came. He then learns that the Lord did come as strangers whom Martin kindly helped.


In The Children's Book of Virtues, there is also a similar type of story, The Legend of the Dipper. A girl goes in search of water for her mother. On her way home with a dipper full of water from a mountain spring, the girl runs into several people in great need of water...which she shares. She barely has enough left for her mother when she arrives home, but the dipper fills again and her mother drinks til satisfied. The little girl is just about to drink herself, when a stranger comes to the door and asks for a drink. She willingly gives it. The stranger pills the last of the water that becomes a fountain for the people and animals to have all the water they needed.

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Thanks for the replies :). I'm glad you reminded me that I can find stories with similar themes even if I can't figure out the title/source of the specific story. That way I don't have to drive myself nuts trying to find the exact story :tongue_smilie:. We actually have the Children's Book of Virtues, so I'll whip that out again and look for the story you mentioned, cougarmom.


You know, I should probably ask MIL if she remembers...

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I remember having this book as a kid. I want to say it was My TUrn on Earth, but somehow that doesn't seem to fit either. WOw, thanks for the memory!



Ooh! Just saw your reply. I'll try to look in LDS bookstores and see if I can find anything...

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