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Artists, what material would work for this?

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I saw a triptych at Pier 1 that I would love to have, but it's too large for the area I have in mind. It looks like something that wouldn't be hard to make, if you had the right materials. For some reason, it's not on the Pier 1 website, but it was similar to this:



The background was a wood panel, and the branches were made of some kind of whitish putty/glue/goop material.


Any suggestions for what you could use to re-create this? Thanks.

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Please don't use glue! If you want to go to the trouble to create such a nice, detailed piece, use quality art materials that will last.


First, start with the right surface. I would use something like this, and obviously you'd need three.


Then, I'd build the raised surface with modeling paste.


Finally, I'd paint it with acrylic paint.


Have fun!


B.F.A. (Concentration, Painting)

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