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Younger Son ASD


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Just letting everyone know, my younger son was diagnosed with autistic disorder last week.


He went to special needs pre-school for 3 weeks so they could do testing there and get some ideas. Now we are waiting for his IEP meeting next week, and then he will start that again. He is also going to do ABA therapy through the Army, which I have got an appointment about next week, but I don't know when it will start.


I have got a good feeling. I like his special needs pre-school very much, and the teachers there like him. I have liked everything they have said and they have had ideas for me already. I am also hearing good things about some people who will be at the IEP meeting, at church.


So at this point I am hoping it will all go well.


For background, he does pretty well at home, but he did not do well at all at pre-school.


It is different than my experience with my older son. I do not think the school system is helpful to him in areas he needs help. But I am hearing that they do well with autism, so I am really hopeful this will be a little easier in its way.


We do not have a lot of problem behaviors at home, nothing is worse than my other kids or anything like that. He is a sweet kid.


I have some regret for time I spent thinking he just had a speech delay (like my older son), but I am also very pleased with how well he has done at home with me.

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Getting/anticipating the diagnosis is, I think, the worst part. I have 3 boys (8, 5 and 3) who are on the autism spectrum. They're all in public school and are really thriving.


Now you know what you're working with and can move forward. It'll be a challenge, but still very rewarding. :grouphug:

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