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Has Anyone Used Simple Solutions workbooks?


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Has anyone used Simple Solutions workbooks? http://simplesolutions.org/


I was intrigued...and wondered if they would be a great, mostly independent review of concepts?


For example, we do all our science over the summer.. but don't really do much "Science" over the traditional school year. We don't have the time! This past summer the kids did Earth Science through Elemental Science (grammar and logic stages)


However, this isn't aligned with their grade "core" for our state and they are required to do end of year testing.. Would something like this give them quick, mostly painless, review/exposure to the science common core during the year to prepare them for the few test questions asked on the standardized test?


(same for history.. we study using the WTM rotation which isn't "aligned" to their grade level core state standards)



I do require lots of literature reading during the year.. some science topics.. and I also have them reading Studies Weekly for Science and History for their grade...

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