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Dr. Hive: Anyone with experience with Xolair for allergies?

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Our allergist recommended Xolair for older dd. It looks like it could be exactly right for her, BUT the black box warning on it for anaphylaxis is scary. She had systemic reactions to the extra diluted allergy shot serum. She's also been in the ER at least a half dozen time this year for hives, severe asthma, anaphylaxis and those wonderful reactions. She seems like a perfect candidate for it, but.... It is kind of scary. Does anyone have any experience with it?

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I'd probably want to discuss those concerns specifically with the allergist. Maybe the conditions that triggered the warning don't apply to your DD after all. (I'm thinking this since the allergist went ahead and prescribed it.) I would ask though.


It looks like your DD is in need of something to keep the asthma under control and this is the "best" of not very good options? Sorry. Are her reactions all triggered by environmental allergies?

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