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Please help me plan my boy's birthday cake.

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I need help. Please.


I ordered a dozen specialty cookies for Moose's birthday from a local baker. They'll look pretty much like this. Basically, 12 cookies that are Mario themed, and they'll all be on sticks.


Moose wants a 'WOW' birthday cake. I thought I could make a three layer cake, and stick the cookies in it. Easy, right?


I've never make a tiered cake. And I only have ONE size of round cake pan; you know, that regular set of 9 inch cake pans we all have.


Any ideas? I'm envisioning a three tiered cake, frosted in blue icing, with the cookies-on-a-stick sticking out all over. Sounds like a 'wow' cake for a seven year old boy, right? But how do I (EASILY!) make a three tiered cake without buying any more specialty cake pans? Can I just bake some cake in my 9X13 pan, and cut circle layers out? Could I use my 9 inch layers on bottom, then do 7 inch and 5 inch layers by cutting up a rectangle cake?


And then how do I stack the cakes so they are stable?


Help me! :tongue_smilie:

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bake 2 nine inch layers. (use less batter so they will be thinner. You will have extra batter left, so stick it in the fridge while you bake)


let the pans cool after removing the cakes from them. Wash and grease them.


Bake the rest of the batter in thin layers.


Stack with icing.

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