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Work for Kohls? (a long shot)

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I'm thinking of applying for a part-time seasonal job. Can you give me an idea of the kinds of shifts they have? Is there a preferred position, cashier, floor associate (assuming that is what those ladies who are putting clothes away from dressing rooms), or customer service? I have a couple of time committments during the morning and afternoon so I'm not sure they could accommodate my schedule. Would it be stupid to get as far as an interview and explain my limitations? (dropping off/picking up dd from school)

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DD21 just accepted a seasonal cashier position at Kohls.

From what she has told me (she is a full time college student) they hire a lot of people and give a few hours. Seasonal employees are expected to work the weekends, Black Friday and are not given 'days off' per se, as the full time employees who have been there for years get those days off.

You are able to give an 'availability' schedule (where she has marked off her school schedule) but that limits what they offer you.

She is not happy with her 1-2 days a week and is looking elsewhere. It may just be the Kohls she is working at though.


Good luck!

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I worked there for one holiday season in college and it was HELL! Not to scare you, but it was terrible.. Maybe the store would be nice enough to work with you, but who knows. They gave schedule priority to their regular full-time workers and then made the seasonal staff work their tail ends off. I'm talking working till midnight and showing up at 7 am the next morning. I was a cashier, which was the worst. Long lines...short breaks. Chaos! I would work 4-midnight and then everyone was expected to help clean up the store before they would let us leave. My body would just ache at the end of the day (and I was 18). I worked end of October through New Years. I did get plenty of hours, but had to work every holiday, special sale, late hour, etc. It was grueling.

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I would work 4-midnight and then everyone was expected to help clean up the store before they would let us leave./QUOTE]

This is what happened when Sears hired my then 16-yr-old. The store would close, and hubby would be out in the parking lot waiting...and then up to a full hour would pass before the staff was allowed to leave. Also, hours given were based on number of folks signed up for Sears credit card.

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