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4th grade final look please??


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Same as for 7th grade. I want to start 8/5 so I can get a week into it before the conference. Tell me what you guys think!


History: BF Intermediate US History

Science: NOEO chem 2

Math: TT 5

LAtin: Latins Not so TOugh

Greek: Hey Andrew

Spelling: SWR

Grammar: GWG 4

Writing: CW Aesop B and CW Beginning Poetry

Reading: DITHOR

Logic: combination: Logic Links, MindBenders, GridPerplexors


PE will be ballet 2.


Missing anything?? Does it look possible to do all this???? Thanks!!!

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You have all subjects there. I know, when I start writing things down, it looks like a lot to me too!


If for some reason, it feels like a lot, you could always drop GWG and do grammar through Classical Writing. We will be doing CW Aesop B and I am not going to use an extra grammar program. Then, when we get to Homer, we'll do Harvey's. And, in combination with that, I will be doing our own spelling lists through mis-spelled words in dd's writing/dictation. :)


Looks great! :)

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