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Okay, I am almost ready to start - please give my 7th grade plans 1 final look over??


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I am planning on kicking off the school year 8/4. Our local homeschool conference is 8/9 so I want to get into my curriculum at least a little bit in case I find any glaring problems right off. So, how does this look for 7th:


History: BF US and World for Jr High

Science: BJU 7

Math: TT Pre-Algebra

Latin: Latin's Not so Tough

Greek: Hey Andrew

Literature: LL7

Grammar: Winston Advanced followed by Harveys

Spelling: MegaWords, Vocab from Classical Roots

Writing: still sticking with CW HOmer B but adding Jensen's Format to cover essays and such


Okay. Missing anything??? How on earth am I going to do all this??? If necessary, LL 7 will be reduced due to amount of reading in History.


Still undecided on Logic. I am going to attend a seminar on it at the conference. PE will be running club after swimming finishes up.

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I also have a dc going into 7th. For logic we are going to continue Perplexors C, Logic Lift-Off, and Orbiting w/Logic. We are also going to go through Fallacy Detective and maybe Thinking Toolbox if we have time. I alternate the Perplexors and Logic workbooks, so even though it seems like a lot, we will only spend maybe 20 minutes a day on logic. Next year we will start going through the Memoria Press materials, hopefully with a coop or virtual classes.


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Holly - One of the ways we're getting through 7th grade (ours looks similar to yours) is splitting up some subjects. So, we'll do grammar 2x/week and writing the other two days (we homeschool 4x/week). We're also doing LL and geography every other day. I know it'll take longer, but we'll have our sanity!! LOL


Good luck!

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