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where can i watch election coverage online tonight?

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CNN did live streams during the debates, so I'd be suprised if their official "election coverage," which begins in 10 mins, isn't online for free. I have a Roku and I'm watching it through an app called Mummybox. They have CNN world streaming, which is the same coverage as normal CNN, at least for this. I'm watching Wolf Blitzer right now..


ETA: Mummybox is a free app.


Oh, and there are many local television channels that stream for free online. You could just watch their coverage, which is probably more network than local.

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I may or may not have had the CNN map up for a couple hours now. :lol: Polls aren't even closed yet.

And I may or may not have had CNN on for the last few hours as well. With no real information... I just love Election Night so much. So you are not alone.

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