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Please vote!

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Whether you are "blue" or "red" get out there - voting is a privilege and a duty. Remember those people around the world who are still fighting for the right to vote, who risk bodily harm if they do, who stand in long lines (much longer than ours) to make their voice heard.


And if you can, take your DC!

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So true. My DH voted for the first time today. I wish I could have joined him, but he went before work. Poor guy got to atleast cast his presidential ballot...he hit the vote button after he pressed in his nomination...not realizing that you didn't press it until the end. This after spending the last few days looking over the 10 other issues and vote options in the ballot and marking his options on his phone. :tongue_smilie:


My kids are going. We are eating breakfast right now and off we will go...

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