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Have your students ever created a Field Guide?


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Since the day MFS introduced us to Project Feeder Watch, my 9yo has been fascinated with birds. Last week, as we were reviewing our progress, and refining our plans for the second half of this school year he asked if we could focus our nature studies on birds.

With spring just around the corner (it is just around the corner, isn't it?!), I think it will be a great time to observe not just our back yard feeders, but birds in the neighborhood parks as well.

It occurred to me that a fun, long-term project might be a Field Guide of our neighborhood or city's birds.

Have you done anything similar? Any tips for a mom who doesn't usually do 'projects'?

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...I think it's an awesome idea.


And I think I'll swipe it. ;o)


We did quite a long study of John James Audubon for art recently. I think a sketch book with Audubon-ish watercolors might be a good format. The page opposite the artwork can list the bird info.

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