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Another Christmas and cooking thread!

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I must be on a cooking streak because it seems like that's all my posts have been lately. Guess I'm hungry.


What type of cookies are you making this year? Other baking?


So far I'm planning:


PB cookies with a reeces cup inside them

Press cookies - red and green

M&M cookies

Laura Bush's Texas cookies

Chocolate cake mix cookies with andes mint chips


My great-aunt's fruit cake


I'll also make those candy things where you take a pretzel, melt a rolo on it and then press a pecan on top. I love those. My grandmother and I used to make tons more cookies and candy but I don't think I've got it in me this year.


So what are y'all making?

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The only cookies I usually made at Christmas are Monster Cookies. I do make a ton of candy though. I will make my usual peanut brittle, peanut butter truffles, oreo truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, a couple different flavors of fudge, and tiger butter. I have already marked a few new ones on pinterest I plan to try as well!

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Dh and I make fudge. LOTS of fudge! Peanut-butter swirl, Kahlua, dark chocolate, mint...there will be about 8-10 different kinds when we're done. And by done, I mean wiped out, never wanting to look at another piece of chocolate as long as we live.:D Well, until next Nov/Dec. Half of it will get packed up to go downrange and the other half will be given to friends and coworkers here.

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If I don't bring orange balls to dh's family dinner, I will be in trouble for sure. Other mainstays are Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake and a wassail type drink of some kind. Some years I work on the never ending saga of trying to find the perfect fruitcake.


You didn't ask, but it isn't Thanksgiving without homemade Carrot Cake.

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Assuming I can muster the energy, my standards are mint chocolate ship cookies, monster cookies, sour cream cutout cookies (although I just bake them as drop cookies as spread some frosting on the bottoms, I hate decorating and the recipient doesn't like the decorations so it's better for both of us), chocolate covered cornflakes, fudge met a ways, chocolate crinkles, thumbprint cookies, soda cracker bars. When family gets together for Thanksgiving, I'll see if anyone has any other requests this year and add it to the list.


No one in my extended family has time/inclination to bake much so part of the gifts we give every year is I bring bags full of cookies and bars. After opening presents, everyone outside of my kids/husband gets an empty bag and goes around and makes up their own "personalized" collection of cookies to take home with them.

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something similar to Buckeyes (family standard)

ginger spice cookies (just tried out the recipe)

old-fashioned lemon cookies (just tried out the recipe)

apple cider caramels

kardamon plaetzen






some new Norwegian ginger cookie

some kind of pecan shortbread


mint chocolate bark

salty choc peanut butter brittle


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