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Maryland Homeschooling

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I homeschool in Maryland. Its pretty easy. I simply send in a letter of intent and have a portfolio review twice a year. There is also an option to have a review under an umbrella program. The first review is in November and the second is late April. I just keep a binder for each of my children and put their completed work in the binder throughout the year. For Art, Gym and Music we keep a monthly log in the binder. The reviewers that I have had have always been encouraging and helpful. You do not have to keep track of hours or anything like that. No standardize testing is required but you do have the option to test within the school system if you choose. Hope that helps.

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We are with an umbrella. We have to go to one event a year (they have a bunch of field trips) and we have a yearly review with our umbrella with a written up report of what we've done that year. So far it has been remarkably easy. Each umbrella makes their own rules though. We thought about going through the county, but with DS' traumatic brain injury in May we decided the umbrella was a better option this year, not sure which way we will go next year.


It is not bad, I have heard that the county review in Howard County is not bad either, if we decide to go that route.

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