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need input on 9th grade schedule

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Not sure if my child will eventually return to private or public school so I had to just make some last minute changes.


Algebra(video text)

Biology(ACE needed him to do independently with video but will add a microscope and disection lab)

World History(ACE needed him to do independently)

German Online

Fine Art 1/2 credit

Homeschool Band 1/2 credit

P.E. 1 credit

Language arts- we will be finishing up analytical grammar then begin review. Study skills course from teaching company. Sentence composing by Don Killgallon. Some of Jensen's format writing and possibly will use time 4 writing online for an essay and a research paper. Will also use progeny press study guides for A Christmas Carol and the Poetry. We will do a semester of Jensen's vocab.


Total 7 credits-still debating on weather it'd be too much to add 1/2 credit health and 1/2 credit either world geography or logic.


Looking forward to your alls input,


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I'll take a stab:) Though this is my first year with a 9th grader and she won't be returning to school, God willing. Our schedule looks similar. How much time is Fine Arts and P.E. going to take up? I think I would wait on geography, logic, and health for next year or just pick one if art & p.e. won't be a big time committment. I also was struggling with how much was a good fit for dd. Then I realized that we have 4 years to fit it all in. Plus, for my dd, I would rather her NOT get overwhelmed with her first high school schedule and ease into it a bit. But she is my aspie, so that may not be an issue for you.


Here's our schedule (for comparison)


Algebra (VideoText)

Apologia Physical Science

World History/Bible/Lit (Sonlight Core 7)

Henle Latin (probably)

Artistic Pursuits

Piano/Children's Choir

Language Arts (WW3000 9, Jump In, R&S7, we'll also read "The Hobbit" and do an online study guide that someone here shared)

Tail Guide to World Geography


Geography and History will also each be an hour long class at co-op, as well as Science Lab. There is very little homework for our co-op, though. She will also get some phys ed. at co-op but I don't know how much of a credit it will make up.


It looks like what you have planned will do well if he has to go back to school. Hope that helps. I'm certainly not the most knowledgable source but I hate to see your post sit there ;)



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