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Hi all,

Olive Branch Books (the religious-instruction imprint of Peace Hill Press) is pleased to announce a brand-new book: "James: A Letter to the Scattered." We think you and your children will enjoy it.


Take a look, view samples, and purchase here. It's also available now on Amazon for pre-order (they'll be shipping their copies in a couple of weeks).


Here's a brief description:

For two thousand years, a single ancient letter has inspired deeds of world-changing bravery and has kindled compassion of millions of lives.


In James: A Letter to the Scattered, Earnest Graham's dramatic illustrations follow women and men around the globe and through time. Follow hunted Christians into Roman catacombs, accompany errands of mercy in modern hospital corridors, see courage and kindness amidst the carnage of the Thirty Years’ War, witness the fight for justice in 19th-century Mexico, and march beside protestors in 1960s Alabama.


A Letter to the Scattered, the first in a series of graphic novels from Olive Branch Books, brings the ancient wisdom of the Epistle of James to a new audience.


I'll leave this thread open for questions...I'd love to talk with you about the book.

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If looking purely at content, what are appropriate ages for the book? Would the material be upsetting to a sensitive child?


sbgrace, I would recommend the book to children ages 8/9 to 14. Your mileage may vary, of course, but those would be the most appropriate ages.


As for your sensitivity question: It is a "mild" book, and certainly FAR less violent/disturbing than other comic-books on the market. I would say there are 3 scenes in the book that you'd want to preview before your child reads them: one scene involves the devastation caused by war (no blood is seen, but soldiers are burning a city, and civilians are frightened/fleeing...a woman is helping a man who seems to be injured); one scene shows an unjust overseer striking a peasant worker, and the worker is then shown lying on the ground with a spot of blood on his clothing (a later panel shows his wife crying, which implies that he died); the other scene, set among the first Christians in ancient Rome, shows the various "gods" that the early Christians were being tempted to follow: Mars, Venus, the god-Emperors, etc. In this listing, Venus is depicted (from behind) as a less-than-fully-dressed woman. It's tasteful, but it's fair to let you know about.


Would it be more helpful if I actually posted screenshots of those 3 pages, or emailed them to you?



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sbgrace, Mommy22alyns, and anyone else who is interested...

I have those images for you now. I see that the files are too big to post on the forums...but if you PM me, or email justin at peacehillpress dot com, with the subject line "James Sample Images," i'll send them all to you. Thanks for your patience, and for your interest in the book!

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