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Hi, I am about to burst as my frustration with a family member who is against homeschooling is at it's highest point. This person has 35 years of public teaching experience. Doesn't believe that we are doing the right thing with our children, saying they won't have a well rounded education, and deals with it because it's our decision to make. As I, the 'uneducated' individual teaching, I suppose for now things are 'ok', but what about chemistry, calculus, blah, blah, blah. Grr. The kids are 8, 6 & 5 for goodness sake. DH does a great job of getting the message out and tries to get the point across. But ears seem to be closed on the recieving end.


Anyway are there any books or links I could pass on? Something that might make an impression? Although they may just be a waste of time as this person isn't likely to change their mind.


If nothing else thank for listening to me rant. At the moment I've got no where else to turn.



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Honestly? I wouldn't bother. People like that don't generally change their minds. In my experience, they also are not interested in being educated about home education.


If you really feel like it, you could hand off John Taylor Gatto's book Dumbing Us Down, or Homeschooling For Excellence by... can't remember. Seriously doubt it will do any good!


But really the most important thing is not to let people like this shake you. If you and your husband are on the same page about your educational choices, then no one else matters.


Also if this individual is from your DH's family, let him deal with him/her. If the person rants at you, just say "you'll have to talk to DH about that" and change the subject, if you can.



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Anyway are there any books or links I could pass on?

I'd give them a copy of WTM, tell them it's the education I wish I had had, and that I sure didn't get it from ps.


If that doesn't convince them, nothing will, and I'd refuse to engage any further.

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