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How many grew up OEC and became YEC later in life?

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Scientists studying geology had concluded the earth was very old before Darwin. They didn't have radiometric dating yet, but could still see evidence for a very old earth.


It's a little more complicated. I think there was an idea before the 1700's that the earth could be dated by the Bible and it was relatively close to today's YEC claims. In the 1700's though with the what was being learned about geology that view began to fall out of favour.


But YEC views before the 1700's would differ from modern ones. Even the concerns of creationists 80 years ago were often MUCH different then modern ones. Augustine could likely be labeled YEC but likely because it was the predominant view in his day and not because he was a Biblical literalist (he certainly wasn't!). And 80 years ago creationist concerns often had more to do with social justice. I think a YEC from pre-1700's and one from 80 years ago would have a hard time with modern creationism and many of the trappings of that sub-set of Christianity.

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I changed my mind about posting this question. It looks like I'm not getting answers to the actual question, and see a debate coming. I should have known better. ;)


Sorry hsmom2011. :blush: It's not my debating side that's coming out in this, I was driven to post by my geeky inner history enthusiast.


Again, my apologies.

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