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4 hours later....

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And dd's room is seriously clean!


She is in manhattan right now with my father so i decided to tackle her room.


Since figuring out that she has a severe dustmite allergy, i *thought* we were doing better with her room. I vacuumed weekly, dusted, had everything picked up, etc.


What i found today?! She stuffed stuff inside other stuff and stuffed the stuffed stuff in and behind other stuff!


I came across a few things that i'm going to talk to her therapist about, and i now know she is not mature enough to stay up later than me. She will lose access to a few things, but i have no plans to tell her all that i found because i fear she'll just learn how to better hide things.


She needs a LOT of supervision. More than ds at this point. I'm sad that we have to regress a bit with independence. She needs supervision when showering or she doesn't come out clean, supervision with all hygiene tasks, obviously internet supervision, room cleaning supervision. I need to stop forgetting, or putting my head in the sand about her. She is NOT neurotypical, but in too many way, i treat her like she is.


Anyone else undertake deep cleaning of a kiddo's bedroom? Find anything interesting? Good? Bad?


I'm off to do ds's room. Army men, lincoln logs, hot wheels, all out in the open. He doesn't hide things.

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