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There is a modifier in the Turbo Fire workouts who demonstrates a low impact version of the exercises. (I know this because I made sure to find out about it before I ordered it yesterday -- the clips I'd seen in the past always seemed to show Chalean jumping around like a lunatic, so I was a little worried! :D)


Right now, there's a big Turbo Fire set on sale at Groupon for $59, including shipping. Here's the link, in case you're interested:



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it's not the beach workout...but





is no impact and is kicking my rear! It's also inexpensive, as equipment goes, takes no particular room, is highly portable, etc. I picked it up from my kids - their swim team uses it for dryland.


30 minutes and I'm sweating, breathing hard...and sore in the right kind of way the next day.

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There are exercise alternatives in every BB video. I've used alternatives in P90X (though I'd suggest something else that was lower impact anyway.


Here are the beginner programs (there are video excerpts on each page): http://www.beachbody.com/category/fitness_programs/getting_started.do


Except for Insanity or Asylum workouts. Those are all super high impact with no alternates.


Chalene Extreme has low impact alternatives.

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