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Another MCT Thread

Jennifer WI

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So I'm really loving the looks of MCT LA. I'm not so into the poetry portion at the moment, but the rest of it I'm very interested in. I would want two levels, which are obviously quite expensive.


I've read so many positive reviews. Has anyone hated it? Has anyone had a bad experience with it? If I'm not talked out of it I'm going to click the purchase button. I'm not sure if I want to spend that much money atm, so don't be afraid to try. :D

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I love MCT, BUT no curriculum is going to be a perfect fit for every child. Some kids might not like the whimsy, for example. Or if you want a program that you can hand to your child and send them off and have them do independently. This is not it. I will say that I found Building Language (the Island vocab book) not as interesting and skippable, but then we're studying latin. I do plan to do CE1. I found GI pretty well repeated in content in the first part of SI, which was a bit urksome if your kid really didn't need the review.


I think there was a hater thread a while back, so I'd try to search on it. Try MCTLA since searching on MCT doesn't show up anything anymore ???


I will say that I see the comment about mechanics and punctuation being insufficient and I disagree with that. I find the way mechanics are introduced *when they are needed* is perfect. The trick is to realize when punctuation is introduced and to continue to point it out (draw attention to its use, which MCT does in the TM) the next few times. You say something 3 or 4 times, it sticks, you never have to mention or correct it again. Awesome.


OTOH, it isn't going to teach how to punctuate dates or book titles, at least not in the Island level. That's ok with me. To me those things are really style sheet issues anyways, and things I can teach easily next time they want to send a letter or postcard to grandma. I mean, the point is instead of teaching punctuation as this entity unto itself, and assigning piles of worksheets, it is woven into the lessons as an integral relevant part of grammar. But you do have to be aware of it and make sure your students pick up on it and utilize it. I also can't say if the basic punctuation taught in the Island and Town level are reviewed in later levels or not.

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