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Prayer request

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As y'all know, my dh was laid off. He has a problem with depression and anxiety, and he also needs to have surgery on his hand. He just told me in the 2 and a half weeks that he has been off work that he hasn't applied for any jobs. He doesn't feel he can get a manufacturing job in the condition he's in. He was going to continue his insurance through COBRA, but is saying he may let it go since we don't have the money. THis means he won't be going back to the doctor or specialist that he is supposed to see for his hand.


So, basically he refuses to apply for a job because of physical problems and refuses to do what has to be done to correct those problems. I don't know where he thinks that's going to get us, but I'm really getting worried about the situation.


I've applied for a lot of jobs since he's lost his and I'm hoping I'll start getting calls soon. I'll take anything, it doesn't matter what it is... as long as it's legal and moral.


If you would, send prayers and positive thoughts our way. We really need something good to happen.

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Has he ever gotten help for the depression?

If he still has insurance, make a fast appointment for the hand and perhaps a counselor at a church or a sliding scale to help him out of the pit.

Sometimes Vitamin D3 (by Bluebonnet in liquid form) is supposed to help with some depression issues but this is a long shot even though it likely won't hurt.

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