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Girls and Science

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** I do not restrict the activities of life to gender. The following entry is not meant to debate gender-related topics.


That being said, I just wanted to share what my 7 yo daughter did this past weekend.


As many of you know, she is the only girl of seven children in our household. She's the 5th born. Her brothers are a bunch of raucous-creating, fun-loving boys. At times, she does get lonely for some girl company. Each time she says "I want a sister!" or "I'm the only girl!", I say "If it weren't for you, *I'd* be the only girl in this house!" LOL


In the past, she has gravitated toward dolls and babies as her interest. However, in the past 6 months, I have observed her avid enthusiasm for science and dinosaurs.


Saturday, dh took all of the boys out for the day. This gave dd and I a wonderfully quiet day of cleaning and organizing her room ( she shares w/ her two younger siblings (2) and (5)). She absolutely relishes this activity and talks my ear off the whole time.


As we sorted through her vast doll collection, I sighed and mentioned that it would be helpful to get rid of some of it. She stated that she wanted to sell them all and buy science stuff. I smiled and realized (in my mind) how at times little girls like to change their minds...a lot.


After a bit, I recommended that she and I box up the dolls (one box, that is) and put them far back in the attic. Therefore, if she is interested in playing with them in the future, it would be convenient to take out the box. She agreed, as long as they were "far back" in the attic (LOL).


As we continued our cleaning, she said rather enthusiastically "I just LOVE God's Creation!" (I thought it was so cute how she emphasized it w/ clasped palms to her breast).


I told her that it was certain she would be a great and beautiful addition to the world of science. This seemed to validate her thoughts, and she mentioned all of the themes and topics in her mind for further study.


So now I have big plans for her. Videos, books, resources, etc. I can't wait to watch as she grows in this interest. I do believe that God has gifted her in this area. She is well-spoken and quite an analytical thinker.


Now it is possible that she shall change her mind here and there about her interests of the moment. But it is exciting to her when I get enthusiastic about her particular activities.


I just love watching the gifts of my children manifest themselves! It is a blessing to see their many interests.




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Oh Camy. What a sweet post. I wish we lived closer so your dd could be "friends" with my dd. I have the feeling that my dd will wish for another girl in the family someday too.


She sounds so grown up - willing to box up some dolls! I don't think I could've done that at 7.


Have fun on the science adventure!

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