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Need suggestions for nagivating life with a back brace

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So I got my back brace a few days ago and while yes I feel a lot better with it on there are a few truths and I need to get on with life while my back heals. This thing is not the little waist thing I imagined, its a full blown corset that goes from a few inches down my butt to just under my breasts. I now understand why ladies way back in the day had perfect posture and tiny waists. You can't slouch, eat much and forget deep breaths! I'm told I can expect to wear it a month IF I behave and don't do anything to stress my back, well, were in the middle of a major move across the country and I'm a single mom with no help. My mom had a fit that I asked her to bathe my youngest last night since I was in to much pain to bend over to wash/dry her. (Yes I know, a 6 yr old probably should be able to wash/dry herself, were working on it)


I need suggestions for the following:


Driving! I need something to put in my seat, it slopes down a bit and I can't drive wearing the brace, its an hour drive into the city then lots of stop n go/ in and out of the car, I'd rather keep the brace on and not have to take it on and off each time I get into the car. This thing demands a firm seat and perfect posture, is there anything I can put in the car to alter the seat? Pillows won't cut it.


Sitting around the house, all the furniture is gone and all we have left are those plastic lawn chair things that slope a bit in the seat. Idea's to make it flat and not sloped? (beginning to think a plain piece of wood but that sounds painful) I'm wondering if using a birth ball would work? I need to get my core muscles strong and that would help. Anyone remember how to figure what size exercise ball you need based on height? I have short 28" legs.

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