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Hysterectomy, laproscopic

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I am getting ready to schedule this procedure as recommended by my doctor for my Adenomyosis. Any experiences with recovery time? I have had a very large baby, 2 C-sections after for the damage my first did, and 2 D& C's and my doctor feels that the recovery from the hysterectomy will be easier than my sections but longer than the D& C. Decision has already been made so not looking for alternatives at this point, just information on how to plan for my family while I am recovering. Thank you.

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I had a vaginal hysterectomy and it was a breeze compared to either of my C-sections. Within two or three days I was feeling better than I'd felt in a very long time. And for those few days it was more the after effects of general anesthesia that bothered me than the hysterectomy itself.

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I had this a few years ago. Maybe a week of lying on the couch, and another week of being pretty tired, but being able to accomplish some things. I had mine about week before Christmas. I did all wrapping, baking, etc beforehand, but I was perfectly fine to go to my brother's house for dinner on Christmas Eve. The biggest thing I remember was wanting to wear comfy pants that were loose around the waist. Jeans were hitting right at the belly button, which was sore, because that is where they go in with laparoscopy.


I had 3 C-sections, it was way easier than those.



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Thank you so much! I must admit my biggest thing is to try to plan ahead as much as is possible so that I can relax, especially the first week. I'm not sure just how much help I will get, but my kids are older and can do pretty much everything but drive themselves around.

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absolutely wonderful!!!! Seriously, it is easy. You can walk a little within a day. You'll be tired the first few days and getting out of bed was the hardest part. You can pick up a small child after a couple days. By 2 weeks I was good (though I did have to have a chemical "sealant" to stop the spotting).


And the aftermath has been good all the way around. Hubby was worried because he heard some women turn into monsters and I was extra worried on my couple grumpy times it was starting, but it has been 8 months and it hasn't happened.


Seriously, I so should have done this 17 years ago (it was actually planned after birth of ds17; but was turned down by insurance due to age despite issues).


ETA: My hubby was home for almost a week, I think. We got Monkey just under 2 weeks after surgery and I never blinked.

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