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Oh, what a day

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I thought some of you could use a laugh. More like an eye roll, but hey, I'm laughing, so it can't all be that bad.


Last month, DH switched jobs. He had to quit one of his jobs to take his new job, and he hasn't been able to work his second job for the last month because the new job isn't giving him his schedule with enough notice.


So, I knew that last month and this month would be pretty tight, financially. We made it through last month, and only couldn't pay one bill. We had the extra (barely) to cover that bill with his next paycheck, so I was worried, very worried, because when I did the math out, we'd have $30 left in our account for two weeks. Eeep!


DH and I had to go to the bank (about 45 min away) today and we checked balances before we left. A couple months ago, he got pissed and opened his own bank account. He hasn't really used it since, and it's been a major annoyance cause we haven't been able to get HR from his one job to switch it.


When he logged in there was a full paycheck just sitting in that account. For almost a month now.




Men... :)

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