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Children's Gratitude Prompts

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I wanted my children to get used to counting their blessings, so they each have a gratitude notebook they're supposed to write/draw one thing they're thankful for each day.


The problem? It has turned into a list of their toys. Each day they scamper off to see what toy they see first and that's what they use. I've tried a topic of the day such as "food," but I run out of subjects rather quickly.


Does anyone know of a website that has some gratitude prompts for children? I've searched, but most of what I've found is not for children. Thank you.

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This is a good idea. I can see my boys doing the same, lol. This month everyone in our family is writing one thing they are thankful for on a strip of paper that I am stapling together into a chain of rings. I am waiting for their items to turn into things like toys, favorite tv shows, and candy.


I hope you find something helpful.

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Time and modeling have worked here. Time as in years--not just making it the focus of one month a year.


I've kept a gratitude journal since my dd was small. When she was little she would often ask me to read it to her. She would then request I write for her as well. Now she writes in it herself.


We list more than one. Perhaps if you let them list more they would think beyond toys. (Just don't let them count individual toys! ;) All toys count as one. So they can list "toys" or one specific toy--not a list of 20 toys.)


Or maybe use different categories. What person are you thankful for today? Did something happen today that makes you feel particularly grateful? Did you learn something today that you are happy and thankful to have learned--what about when you learned how to put the model plane together?


I think it can sometimes be difficult for children to see deeply into feelings.


You mentioned running out of topics. Maybe if you make your own list first you will get ideas.


Can the ideas you've found be adapted for children?

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