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Update on our teacher problem

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Okay, I *need* to remember that this was not an issue because she was a teacher. She had access to my kids because she was a teacher and I was required to send them to school when they were fosterkids; but the real issue was that she was just a nasty woman who used her position and CPS inappropriately to get her agenda fulfilled. Thankfully it didn't work.


Anyway, life is sometimes interesting :)


The teacher and principal both are no longer in the school. The principal went one district over. The teacher went the other direction, to a district known to be rough at best. She is now with 5th graders. Honestly, I so want to say "serves her right" but that wouldn't be nice. Unfortunately, I wouldn't doubt that she's already called CPS since she's been there.


What I've found out and how :) There has been a vacant house behind us since just after we moved in. Well, it isn't vacant anymore. My kids were playing outside and the boy behind us was also so the kids started talking. My son asked the kids' name and he says, "I had a B*** in my class; did you have an A**** in your class?" He did! The boys were in class together last year! Well, in time, they wanted to visit in person so I had my son slip a family business card through the fence for his mom. THey came over and I'm talking to his mom.


SHE is the new teacher in A.J.'s old classroom! So cool. And she is sweet and not crazy. ALways nice attributes in a teacher :)


Well, she is having issues with the aide in the classroom wanting to call CPS! Seems, they did so on more than one family (of course, it was SEVENTY times on us in the final six weeks of school) last year. One of the examples she used was that a little girl had mosquito bites on her arm that she had scratched! Can you imagine? Thankfully, this young woman set her straight on that!


Anyway, hopefully that school district can get rid of that teacher and/or CPS will finally DO something. Seriously, the investigator we had the second time around (after 30 days, it is a new investigation) found her obnoxious. Well and the teacher had told people that she would do ANYTHING to get these kids taken from me, partially because they'd go to hell if I raised them.


It isn't a wonderful ending, but it is a start. That teacher shouldn't be allowed to teach, if she was even allowed around children again (because what she did was abuse of my sons and she should have to deal with the consequences of that imo). I really think the principal should have done something to end the ridiculousness. I'm glad she's gone since she didn't choose to.


ETA: BTW, my son's still discuss the issues with this "mean teacher." All the way to swim lessons Monday I got to hear more about it. How awful that they believe THAT is how teacher's are! I do remind all three how WONDERFUL V's teacher was last year and what all made her so great. I'm hoping they can trust that some teachers are good.

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