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What is the going rate for a language tutor?


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Both my husband and I speak Romanian as a second language. I have been speaking to our 3 kids (3, 3, and 1) in Romanian part time and they understand it but speak back to me in English.


I want to hire a native Romanian speaker to spend one morning a week

with my children. My idea is for the "tutor" to simply come with us on an outing (the museum, park, zoo etc.) or to our home and play and interact with the kids. I want them to get interaction on a regular basis with a native speaker and think this could be a good solution.


What would you offer to pay? 2 hours of time with the kids plus travel time and gas...


My hope is that I can find a college student who is looking for a little extra money because their schedule might also accomodate this type of job.


Thanks for the advice

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Around here it is about $16/hr for a college student. I had a neighbour who has a college student play with her two kids at the local park for that purpose. If it is bad weather, the college student goes to her home instead. She hires the college student for about two hours twice a week and use that time to run her local errands. Rates would definately depend on location. I remember the college student is renting nearby so it is walking distance for her.


We do have a community college a few blocks away so the rates do not need to take into account gas and travel time.

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In our area it seems to be at least $60/hour, but that's for a tutor who isn't a college student. I did find a couple nannies at one point who were French (our target language is French) and were willing to talk to their charges in French, and their rate was closer to the standard nanny rate here (between $20 and $30 / hour). So there are some variations here.


Good luck!

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