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Flashcards for OPGTR?


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I bought the set from PHP - never used them! I would be happy to send them to you if you pay for shipping. I will send you a PM in case you are interested.


Can you tell us about the set?

The sample over at PHP isn't the best....

I'm assuming it include the sight words? And letters...?

But what else?

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In case others are wondering, I didn't open the shrink-wrapped package! Can anyone else chime in with what is on the set of cards?


I bought the download and printed them myself. It was a pain cutting them out because they were all different sizes, I'm not sure if it's because I printed on A4 and forgot to change the settings.


There are pages and pages of cards. More than fit in a small index card box, I need two to store them. Basically anywhere in the book it tells you to write down words on index cards there is a flashcard for it. I found them especially useful when we were making mixed up sentences...you might need thirty cards for something like that and this way I wasn't tempted to skip it (like I might have if I didn't have the cards ready). But that's just me, I'd rather have it ready when we get there than have to quickly pull it together. That being said, I don't always use them, we also use a mini whiteboard or magnetic letters sometimes.

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