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How long do cultures take? How can i learn to tolerate something?

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My ear infection started months ago, or at least the major fluid build up did. My left ear drum ruptured on the 12/13th (the night between), and i started antibiotics on the 15th. I went to the ear Dr on the 23rd and he cultured the left ear crud looking for mrsa, something that starts with a p, and some other stuff.


Should those results be back yet?


The ENT said my only option is keeping tubes in. Tubes do not last very long. With long T-tubes, i might be able to get 2-2.5 years out of them. I do not need to be getting general anesthesia every 2 years for such a simple procedure. My very mild sleep apnea causes some problems with which surgery center i can get it all done.


This current need for tubes was scheduled for the 19th, but when the center saw that i had osa, they denied the request. Now it's scheduled at a bigger hospital for a saturday the end of december. Saturdays are usually held for emergency surgeries so i could be bumped on the day of. Obviously emergencies are priority over me, but i have to get a ride and figure out child care, so it's difficult.


What can i do to learn to tolerate this in the future? It should be a simple procedure of placing a tube in an already made hole. It's pressure and crazy loud crackling sounds.

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I had multiple ruptures, and even an emergency Saturday surgery to put in a tube. Getting bumped to last actually turned out well because I got to rest in the quiet of the hospital instead of craziness of home.


My ruptures and infections never fully stopped until I got to the root of the problem, which for me was chronically inflamed sinus tissue. I'd been on allergy shots but it took sinus surgery to clear it all up. I've not had an infection since and it used to be routine for me.


Good luck.

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Maybe a dumb question; does it hurt for the ear drum to be cut? Or is it just pressure and sound? Can tubes be placed without suction? The though of suction scares the carp out of me!


Pippen- getting bumped to last or another day would not allow me to rest in quiet. My ds is not fond of being aline with my father so it needs to be as short a time as possible. The hospital is an hour away, so getting bumped to another day, after arranging a ride, might not happen.


This is why i want to learn to tolerate it. I can go to an office appt with both kids, pop the tubes in, and go home.

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When I was a teenager, my left ear never drained after having mono. I had to have it vacuumed out. It didn't hurt, it was just extremely unnerving. To this day, I can't stand anything in my ears because of the experience and worry every time I get sick that my ears won't go back to normal on their own. They numbed my eardrum with something soaked onto the cutest, tiniest cotton ball ever. Then, they waited for it to take effect, cut, and vacuumed. The sound was the loudest thing I've ever heard.


the past few weeks, my left ear has had a bit of pressure, but more concerning is that it's making a crackling noise at random times. I'm worried about what might be going on with it.

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