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Pygmy goat moving in - HELP! :)

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Forget the GOLDFISH, my DD9, in cahoots with DH, is bringing home a pregnant Alpine pygmy goat from the fair. She's been on top of the world this week. We have a friend that runs a rescue place for wild animals and does animal shows/fairs all over the US. DD9 spent last week researching all about the different animals he has with him here (I've never seen her write so much!), and is spending two half-days as his assistant, telling people about the different animals in the "Safari Tent." Anyway... he offered DH a pregnant pygmy goat tonight!


We have a side yard (gated and fenced) that is about 30' x 60'. The chickens have a 100-sq-ft run, and there are a bunch of veggie beds back there (all down now, and needing to be cleaned up.) We could easily fence in a 100-sq-ft area (maybe even 150 sq ft) for the goats. Is that enough space for 2-3 goats to kick up their heels? How high should the fence be? For now, can we just let them have the run of the yard and get them a doghouse or something for night shelter? How much space per goat for their night shelter?? Are there suburban predators we should be worried about? Should they be closed in at night? We have raccoons, opossums, birds of prey, etc., but nothing larger. Are young goats at risk??


Also, is there anything we should know about goat midwifery?? :) I know about wiping the nose and mouth clear of mucus. My DH has a fair amount of basic medical knowledge. Is there anything we should do to be ready??? I'm not sure how far along she is, but I'll find out tomorrow!


:bigear: :bigear: :bigear:

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Goats are very self-sufficient about midwifery. Do research local vets, though, so if anything DOES go wrong you can get someone who knows something about goats.


We took my brother's goat to the vet for an emergency c-section (a really lovely lamancha) and they gave her the wrong dose of anesthetic and killed them both :( This should be preventable if you find someone who knows about goats. (p.s. we had about 50 goats for about 10 years and in that time had two c-sections, it's not that common)


The goat will kill any trees or shrubs in your fenced area, as they are browsers and will chew the bark off them. Be sure you fence around the base of any trees to keep little goat necks from sticking out and chewing them. They are also very fond of tobacco -- I remember seeing one pluck a lit cigarette out of my mother's mouth and eat it.


Make sure she gets enough food, but don't overdo it on grain. If her stools become loose, she is definitely getting too much. Pygmy goats easily tend towards fatness. Also, under NO circumstances should you train a goat to 'butt' because it's funny. It's like training a dog to nip because it's cute when he's a puppy. When she has her babies, if they are not polled(naturally hornless) you may consider having them disbudded. Your friend might have equipment to do this. I say this because this is your first goat, and you might not be keeping it forever -- it is far, far more difficult to rehome a horned goat.


I love goats. They are so smart and so funny. Congratulations :)

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