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Trick or Treat safety tip

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For you west coasters who may not have started yet . . . we came up with a last second "Hey, wait a sec . . ."


We had some of those really flexible book lights lying around-- the really bright LED types. Both of my boys' costumes involved belts, so we wrapped the lights around their belts and made them nice and bright from behind, giving them great "tail lights."


I may not be able to move tomorrow after spending the afternoon shoveling wet leaves off of my front lawn (courtesy of Hurricane Sandy) to make the lawn less slippery for little treaters, but I feel better about my kids walking around the neighborhood in the dark now!

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We usually get glow sticks for the kids (and glow bracelets and necklaces.)


So do we, but we didn't have them on hand this year (hurricane and other issues threw our usual planning out of whack). This was a great "what will some people just have lying around the house (like us) and be able to just use without having to run out and buy something?" idea :)

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