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Teachers Lounge 10-31-2012

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Sorry I'm late! Meant to post this morning and then forgot!


Went to the zoo briefly this morning with our new membership! :hurray:


Now am tired but need to study!


Do you celebrate today in anyway? Birthday, halloween, other?

Personally, I don't like Halloween but, as my husband noted, I do like to dress up. Today I was thinking that maybe I'll just start using today to celebrate various loved ones' birthdays! :D


What are your plans for tonight? Ours are not set in stone. Would like to take kids to former church's fall festival and go see everyone. Hubby wants to do something else. If they do "something else", I'll stay home and study!

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Hi Scrap! I just got home from a very busy afternoon running errands. We also did a full day of school.


We do not celebrate Halloween as such but do have a traditional family time. We are eating pizza and watching a movie. This year's movie is "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". This night is special as a family because it is the only guaranteed time that dh will watch with us.

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That's cool, Jean!


I've decided that next year I'm going to host a 2nd Quarter and a 4th Quarter Birthday Bash: the 2nd quarter one will be in June, most likely, and the 4th Quarter one will be on October 31. I'll invite folks who have birthdays in the respective halves of the year and just have fun that way. I might even add an Anniversary Bash on December 30th. We'll see! Enjoy your family night!

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