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Help me help my 2nd grader figure out a math problem for himself

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Ok, so this is a problem from Singapore 2A Intensive Practice. It is problem number 3 from "Take the Challenge" for Topic: 2. In my edition of the book it is on page 28.


It is complete the pattern problem and it has 3 chains:


chain 1:

9 13 5 17

chain 2:

8 12 6 14

chain 3:

10 6 5 ?


What's the missing number?

My son actually figured out that it is 11, but it was a lucky guess, because when I asked him to explain the pattern to me, he gave me the wrong explanation. So he definitely has not solved the problem.


I want to help him get to the solution by himself, but I don't know how. I already gave him the hint that he will need to do some addition and some comparing, but that didn't help him.


Does anyone have ideas of how I can guide him through the thinking process, without giving the solution away?

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