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Another Konos question


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I've purchased Vol I of Konos this year to help me think outside the textbook a little bit. However, I am continuing to find one spelling error after another. Has anyone else had this issue with Konos or other educational manuals? Am I wrong to be concerned about this? Maybe I need to find another way to think outside the textbook. Any thoughts?

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What year/volume do you have? I haven't found any spelling errors:confused:

Usually, this kind of thing bothers me too, so I would think I would have found them by now. Have you thought about joining the Yahoo group to get more of your questions answered about the curriculum? It is definitely a think outside the box curriculum. As a matter of fact, I'm a little overwhelmed this year. I can't decide which units to study:willy_nilly::willy_nilly: Let me know where you found them.


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