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Prayer request...

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I can't get my mom, my brother, or my niece on the phone, and it's making me a little crazy that I can't talk to them. I posted before that my hometown was under a blizzard warning, but it is bad even for there. Avg snowfall there is about 130", so snow in and of itself is not an issue. But this was a very wet, heavy snow falling on trees that still had leaves on them with high winds, thunder and lightning. It's just a mess with trees and power lines down everywhere, and more snow is still expected today and tomorrow. The population of the county is 30,000, and more than 18,000 households are/were without power. Considering most households include more than one person, apparently virtually the entire county is without power. Some parts of the county are being told it will take 20 days to restore power; other parts, 10 days. In one area (Cranesville, for anyone familiar with western MD), there is no open road in or out, no way for emergency vehicles to pass in the event of an emergency. People are saying they haven't seen anything like it since 1974, when schools were closed two weeks straight and 20 days total. And that's saying something, considering that just 2 or 3 winters ago, they had a record breaking 263" of snow! The National Guard has been sent in to help, but most power crews have been sent east to the Baltimore/DC area.


I'm sure everyone's warm and cozy around the woodstoves, but I would just feel better if I could talk to them.


Please pray that they're all safe and that I will calm down and not worry. Thanks!

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