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Please help me decide what to do with DS10, in regards to science

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One of my twins has always loved anything to do with science and crafts. I have done mainly self-directed science up to this point and it has worked well for this science-loving kid. The only problem with it is that we are now working through AIG's Physical Science books and he has already done all of the experiments in the books, on his own, a few times. He has worked through all of the Van Cleave books on his own, as well as the 20-30 science experiment books we have on our shelves. You could name almost any chemistry/physics experiment for middleschoolers and he would have done it over and over. Bottom line is - he is getting bored. What do I do with a 10 year old who needs more advanced experiments. He could probably be doing some high school level physics/chemistry, but I am afraid to just let him go. Wouldn't that be a little dangerous?:tongue_smilie:Any thoughts on how to bridge the gap between late grammar-aged science and high school science with this child?

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