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Have you read this Jesuit Education Article-


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8FilltheHeart has posted the link to this article many, many times. I think I've downloaded it myself at least 20 times, however I just read it this weekend and was amazed.




I thought it would be full of philosophical musings and such. I thought it likely would not offer actual real practical advise and if it did it would be more relative to those teaching in a more institutional setting. I was so wrong. There is so many practical tips and it really addresses different learning styles as well. Despite the somewhat perhaps scary sounding name it really isn't focused on religion either, although it is mentioned. It is more about different methods and techniques to be an effective teacher.

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Yes, I found this article to be amazing and I read it 3 times through, I think, and took notes. It has really made me think about how I introduce lessons, I have been trying to incorporate prelection as described in a more explicit way. I'd like to explicitly focus on each of the stages and try and incorporate each into our lessons/discussions. I was particularly reflecting on the "reflection" component :D, and thinking about that a lot. It fit well with my overall theme for this year, which has been to slowwww down, and not rush through lessons just to get to the next thing. I don't have any more time right now, but I'll pull out my notes later. I hope others have read and enjoyed the article, I found it inspiring and helpful!

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You're a braggart Cleo :) :) Lucky you!!!


I'll be happy to see your notes Rose. I need to go back through it again myself. I really found all of the info helpful, especially those aspects that address the specific ways to reach whole to part/right brain learners. I've been heavily contemplating this myself as of late so I was delighted to read some concrete tips. Some of those methods I can see us implementing right away quite easily.


I loved the description of prelection. Up until now we really haven't done that too much but I can see the value in adding it and upon 'reflection' I can think of how helpful I find that in my own education.


As we start to shift towards a bit more involved lessons I think it will be more and more valuable information.

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