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Favourite Librivox for 6-8 year olds?


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I've had my kids listen to an enormous number of folk and fairy tales. I have searched for "folk" or "tales" and sorted through the results, to find interesting ones from Scandinavia, Japan, West Africa, Brazil, etc.


Wind in the Willows, Understood Betsy, My Father's Dragon, Robin Hood, Heidi, Five Little Peppers, and loads of books by E. Nesbit (be careful, I know at least one has the n word in it!, otherwise my kids have enjoyed her stuff a lot).


Junior Classics vol 1 has a bunch of stories too


As does this http://librivox.org/fairy-tales-every-child-should-know-by-hamilton-wright-mabie/


There's another giant compendium



Also, lit2go has some nice recordings. They are of a higher quality (professional readers) than Librivox.



If you dig around Story Nory, there are some longer recordings there too.

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Old Mother West Wind (and others by Thornton Burgess)


English Fairy Tales (though I kept out some that Ambleside Online wrote notes about when I put them on CD)


The Light Princess (kind of advanced vocab, though)


The Little Princess


Wizard of Oz


My Father's Dragon (CUTE little boy reader!)


Wind in the Willows

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Lit 2 Go has some interesting things, and the quality is much nicer, with a lot shorter sponsor message!

http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/   ....oh, wait, I said that in 2012. 

Sadly, like Librivox, it's kind of weirdly hard to find things on there. I just downloaded a bunch of poetry from Lit2Go -- I'm hoping we'll learn through listening...ha ha


There's an abridged Wind in the Willows on the BBC podcast website right now that will be removed at the end of May


Their other podcasts for kids are very well done.


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