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Choices, choices.. WWYD?

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These are not life-altering choices ;) but I'd just like to know what you'd choose.


I'm going to order some Snow Boots for The Snork Maiden from Land's End. They have some in a sale :w00t: for £24.50. But.. when I buy things like that, I usually make sure they will last through Sniff (my 7yob) and Little My (4yog) as well, so as to make the most of the money. The boots in the sale are pink, so Sniff would really not be able to wear them. They also have boys snow boots in grey, but they are not in the sale, so they're £39.95.


So.. which ones would you get? The cheaper, pink boots which will only do for the two girls, and then I will have to get other boots for Sniff for that size at some point, or the more expensive, grey boots which will do for them all?

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If money is tight or likely to be tight in the future I'd definitely say go with the grey. You'll come out spending lesson the long run, most likely. I don't have a girl there y no opportunity to buy anybody anything either cute OR pink say I'd totally buy the pink! :)


That made me laugh!! With 3 girls and 1 boy, I seem to incline the opposite way.. I tell myself that it's because boy clothes/shoes colours are so much more sensible for playing out! :lol:

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