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WRTR leveled readers


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1. You can read the children's books recommended in WRTR - get them from the library.

2. You can download free, old leveled readers from Google Books - I like the Elson readers and the Free & Treadwell readers.

3. You can download the free readers from Progressive Phonics or the paid ones from Starfall.com.

4. You can read books from the kindergarten summer reading lists of good schools - get them from the library.

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The readers are completely optional, and are not used for the spelling lesson (which is where the dc actually learn how to read).

Look for the books in the first chapter of Part Two of the manual, "Children's Literature Recommendatons." Those are the books that your dc will be able to read on their own after completing the spelling words to secton L and then section M. And if you can't find those, it will be fine. :-)

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