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Guess I deserve an award

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It's hard being the regular kid with a special needs sibling. The waiting room toys get tiring after a few visits. Life revolves around when special need sib has to go to appointments. And if you are going to OT or PT and you see your special needs sib getting therapy it looks like they get to play (balls and swings and shaving cream). My dd wanted to know when she would have OT. It looked like so much fun and both her brothers got to do it. Other therapy and doctor offices don't look as much fun and their waiting rooms can be even more boring.


Anyway, you might have a neurotypical child, but he/she is still a child--a child in a family with some extra stress. Coping mechanisms for a high level of stress take a while to develop.


:grouphug: to you

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My normally very mellow daughter, then 3, had a hissy on the way out of her sister's first vision therapy appointment. It was the first time she didn't get to join into the fun Sis was having; that made no sense to her. After that I brought a portable DVD player and let her watch Scholastic videos during that hour. She is such a vidiot, I never had another complaint.


Good luck! :)

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